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Shane's Serves Despite Winter Storm in Southeast


Taking care of the community is what Shane’s Rib Shack is all about.  Recently, our stores in the southeast experienced a major ice storm causing loss of power and shut downs of schools, businesses, and roads.  Despite the dangerous conditions, many of our Shane’s Rib Shack locations weathered through the storm and took the opportunity to serve their community by giving them a place for warm shelter and providing them with of course, our delicious BBQ!

While all other restaurants were closed during the ice storm, Shane’s employee, Mike Merrit, of Barnesville, GA walked to the Barnesville Shane’s to give city workers and residents of the area a place to rest and enjoy a hot meal.  The next day, he opened the store again and fed an entire electrical crew team as they worked to regain power for the city. 

John McDonald, operator of Shane’s Rib Shack in Carrollton, GA, also persevered through this treacherous storm in an effort to serve his community.  He along with a few other Shane’s employees & families spent an entire day in the Rib Shack kitchen preparing food to serve 320 people dinner at the Carroll County EMC.

Bradley McBurnett, General Manager of our Jonesboro Rd. Rib Shack located in McDonough, GA, also went the extra mile to serve.  Despite many obstacles, he was able to make it to his Rib Shack’s kitchen and prepare food for over 500 Georgia Power Employees so that they could “refuel” before heading back out to work to keep the city’s lights on!

Although the Original Shane’s Rib Shack was closed during the storm, Shane, Stacey, their children & son-in-law all risked driving on the icy roads to prepare and deliver food to over 300 Georgia Power Employees working around the clock!

Shane’s Rib Shack is known to be what it is today because of the genuine support of their community. We welcome ways where we can give back and support those same communities. Despite the storm our southeast stores experienced, their foundational principles remain strong:  Serve great food & love people.  It’s what we do best!

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