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Shane's Rib Shack in Ocala, FL supports their community all the way to the Olympics!

Shane’s Rib Shack of Ocala, Florida recently had the opportunity to support one of their very own rising stars, Brittany Bowe.  Brittany is a USA speed skating Olympian from Ocala and is working hard to make her mark in the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. To help fund travel expenses for Brittany and her family, Shane's Rib Shack of Ocala opened up their doors to provide a platform to raise money on January 15th. With the help of the Ocala community, over $10,000 was raised through T-Shirt donations alone sold in the parking lot of Shane's, plus Shane’s Rib Shack of Ocala donated 10% of the day’s total revenue! "It's just another example that when we go (to Russia), we know we're going as a community, and not just Brittany's father, Brittany's sister, me, and Brittany." said Brittany's mom, Debbie Bowe.

"It has just been an honor and a blessing to be able to assist with getting one of our very own Ocala "Olympian's" to her gold medal!" said Kristen Keene, owner of Shane's Rib Shack in Ocala.  

So from all of us at Shane’s Rib Shack…Congratulations and good luck, Brittany!

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